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CNC turning is a process that machines parts by "turning" a rod material controlled by a computer.  The rod is then fed through a cutting tool and the material is shaped into a finished product. In CNC turning, the cutter is normally fed through a rotating work piece. This rotating work piece typically uses a variety of different angles as well as many different tool shapes.

CNC turning is a very economical approach for creating parts that are symmetrical near their axis. A chess pawn would be a good example of a part that is symmetrical near its axis. The shapes that you can create using CNC turning tend to vary. 

While most people use CNC turning to create turned parts that only utilize a single axis. It is also possible to use ones that have more than one axis; allowing for more flexibility. Naturally, you can combine CNC turning with CNC milling and other processes in order to create much more diverse shaped parts.

CNC turning can be used to create turned parts in material such as:

Please contact us today with any questions you may have about CNC turning, CNC milling, and/or precision machining related projects. We are standing by to answer any and all questions you may have. Lastly, when it comes to your CNC turning and milling needs you just are not going to find a more affordable and efficient company to do business with.

Our Turned Parts are machined on HAAS CNC SL10 Lathes and Femco CNC HL 25 Lathes. Our experienced precision machinists maintain close tolerances as needed. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and constantly seek to improve the production process.


Precision parts for the following industries:
  • Motion Control
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Electronic
  • Sporting Good
  • Consumer Goods
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