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Super Link III is a patented bike link manufactured by Forster Tool. The bike link is absolutely the best way to connect your chain.

Unlike other chain connectors, this link is reusable. The link has a wear indicator to show when it is due for replacement. The Super Link III has been competition tested and proven to be stronger than any regular link.

Super Link lllTwo Link Versions:

  • Model 2
    Fits the following
    – Standard 9sp 6.6mm-6.95mm
       (outside dia.)
    – Sachs/Sram 8/9sp (all models)
    – Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra 9sp
    – Campagnolo 9sp (all models)
  • Model 3
    Fits the following
    – Standard 10sp 6.1mm (outside dia.)
    – Shimano 10sp Campagnolo 10sp

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