Keyence High-Precision Coordinate Measuring Machine

Forster Tool is constantly making improvements to either our processes, or our equipment. This time around, we have made a big improvement to our Quality Control Department with the addition of the Keyence High-Precision Coordinate Measuring Machine! With a measuring range of 300 x 250 x 150 mm its perfect for our range of parts. The large amount of configurable elements and large capacity of measurement points assure that even complex parts will be handled with ease!

Keyence High-Precision Coordinate Measuring MachineThe new CMM makes measurements using augmented reality, that is a 3-D image generated by the several cameras located on the device. It creates a very accurate representation and even more accurate measurements. With results being displayed in real time, and data and visualizations being automatically recorded the time in Q.C. can be cut down by more than half!

With easy to read displays, we can know instantaneously if something is out of spec allowing us to fix any problem that may occur even faster. With this new addition we expect to not only have better results, but also drastically cut job time down in quality control, allowing us to get a finished product to you even faster than before!