A Closer Look into Forster Tool and Aerospace

Hello from everyone here at Forster Tool! We wanted to take a moment to reflect on our transition into making high quality, top-tier parts required for aerospace jobs. This will be one of a few blog posts exploring what we needed to do and change to take on the tasks of creating aerospace parts for many of our important customers. We will be looking at topics such as revisions in procedures, the methodology of machining, quality control improvements, and more!

Forster Tool and AS9100

The first topic we’ll be exploring is the general mindset shift that needed to occur in the company. Forster Tool has always been making high-quality custom machined parts, we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest with our great methods swiss screw machining, but to create aerospace parts we needed more. It not only involves the machinist, but the powers of the production managers, sales staff, and just about everyone in the building! Creating a larger network of communication was the first step.

We quickly found that creating complicated parts is just that, complicated. This requires an open dialogue throughout the entire shop. Our plant manager, foreman, and sales staff meet twice daily to go over both what is on the floor, what will be going on the floor, and what may be going. They focus on resolving issues and improving methods. This is something sets us apart from other shops. Upper management is constantly looking for ways to improve and bring that into our regular processes.

It’s not all upper management though. After all, it’s the machinists who work hard every day that make those high-quality custom aerospace parts. Its one thing to have an open dialogue policy, it’s another to actively encourage and have a workforce embody it. Our machinists are always talking with our foreman about not only problems they encounter but possible innovations. It’s our focus on encouraging that dialogue that brought Forster Tool to the next level. This of course was done from the top down, starting with Forster Tools president Maureen Forster fostering an engaged work environment.

We have always had a friendly open environment, but shifting focus to fostering and nurturing that environment brought us many benefits that we are still experiencing! Forster Tool is a family owned shop and we make sure that everyone feels this. This is what helps us get the best custom aerospace parts to you that can be made to you!