What is Hastelloy?

Majority of nickel-based steel alloys are highly resistant to corrosion, Hastelloy being the best of them. It is a superalloy prepared primarily from nickel and small percentage of many other elements. Designed to endure great stress and high temperature, the corrosion-resistance of Hastelloy is supreme when it comes to performance. Other than the great resistance that the Hastelloy offers to all manners of cracking or pitting, parts made from this metal blend have a tendency to have optimal performance for several chemical applications, which might oxidize the metals. Other elements like chromium or molybdenum add to the profile of this alloy, which proves to be one of the toughest around.

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Titanium Machining

Metals are considered to be one the most important natural resources that are available to us. The use of all the metals and their alloys is inevitable for machining purposes; however it is the Titanium Machining that has garnered a lot of attention and popularity in the industrial world recently. Titanium is now more significantly used in industry due to its several distinctive properties. Titanium is known to be a bad conductor of heat and electricity and has a strong chemical reactivity with other metals and materials. This is the reason why a lot of caution and expertise is required in the making of Titanium machined parts, as exercised by our company.

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