Forster Tool is now ITAR Registered!

Recently the government has been pressuring ITAR to be flowed down to all areas of manufacturing with government projects. It would only make sense to get ITAR registered. Forster Tool has done just that once again; breaking ground before many other local manufacturers.

ITAR Registered Manufacturing Company

Forster Tool ITAR Registered
Forster Tool ITAR Registered

We have taken initiative and became officially registered under registrant code M38942. With many of the procedures needed to become ITAR registered in place already, it was not that hard to make the necessary changes.

Why Work with an ITAR Registered Company?

These changes allow for more accountability, and to increase security measures, both cyber and physical.

Commonly Asked Questions

Forster Tool often gets questions about our ITAR registration. Some are about the process itself, and what other companies need to do to become ITAR registered. Different companies need to do different things to become compliant. The regulations and clauses differ from business type to business type. An example of this would be freight. If companies export to other countries there will be more clauses that apply to them. The opposite is true if they do not. The next step, is registration. Registration is as easy as filling out a few forms and waiting.

Many of our customers ask how our ITAR registration is going to affect them. Most of the time their job is not affected! For customers who do not require ITAR applied to them, the only changes they can expect to see are ones behind the scenes, like a secured server that holds their prints and other information prudent to the job, or increased traceability of their part within the shop floor. For other jobs where it is required there are more apparent ones. This may change who machines and handles your part, which secondary will get to work with the part, as well as how they are shipped. If you have any questions about how to get the ball rolling with ITAR or would like to submit a part for quote, just click here to be re-directed to our easy to use form!