From Prototype to Production

Prototype development is one of the many very important first steps to getting a final product or part on the market or assimilated into your business process. At Forster Tool we work with our customers through their prototyping process, but notice that some leave house for production. Sticking with the same manufacturer for both prototype and production runs can have numerous benefits that those who switch would be missing out on.

Prototyping Knowledge Base

There is no greater advantage to have when producing a part, then to know all of the ins and outs along with the intricacies and inner workings of the part. Who would better know that than the makers of the prototype? Moving into production from prototype is a much smoother transition when the machinist has already worked with the part in the past. The knowledge base is much larger for someone that has had a hand in developing the part rather than someone being informed.

Changes to Prototypes Are Easier to Make

When working with the same company throughout the entire process, changes are made easier. Improvements should never stop being made, but changing them in the middle of a production run through another source and moving back to the prototyping source can be a hassle. It is much easier and time efficient if both the update in the part and the production can be dealt with within the same company.

Prototyping Is a Great Way to Test a Manufacturing Company

Scouting out manufacturers that best fit your needs and wants can be challenging. Finding two different entities is an entirely new ballgame. If a manufacturer like Forster Tool has already given exquisite service providing a prototype, there is no reason they would not provide that same great and timely services through a production run.

Forster Tool has provided both prototyping and production runs on our Swiss Screw Machines and more for many different customers in the past, and we still provide them with great service. Join the Forster family and let us not only work with you on your job through its infancy, but see it all the way through to production!