Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Rev. 3 –  11/01/2018

This following defines terms and conditions relative to Forster Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. (herein “Forster Tool”) purchase orders; these are to be treated as conditions of the PO unless otherwise indicated or waived by Forster. These terms and conditions apply to all suppliers of product and/or manufacturing services determined by Forster Tool & Manufacturing to directly affect the quality of products we supply to our aerospace customers.

By accepting our purchase order, it is understood that your organization agrees to meet the following requirements:

1. Forster Tool reserves the right of final approval of purchased product and/or services.
2. Forster Tool uses accepted sampling plan such as ANSI 1.4 to verify product acceptability. For Special Processes where Forster Cannot complete this verification the supplier shall also use an accepted sampling plan such as ANSI 1.4 for product acceptance. Suppliers of processes shall require certificate of conformance.
3. Suppliers with third party quality system certification (e.g., ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 17025, AS9120, etc.) must notify Forster of any changes to that certification.
4. Supplier shall maintain on file and make available to (upon request) by Forster Tool, its customers and/or regulatory authority, all quality data/records such as certificates of conformity, certificates of analysis, acceptance test reports, inspection records, control plans and other applicable quality control data, for a minimum of 10 years from completion of the purchase order. At the end of the retention period supplier shall provide the option for Forster Tool to take possession of the records.
5. To ensure product identification and traceability, Forster Tool requires material certificates, certificates of conformity, and/or supporting documentation from its suppliers as is appropriate. These requirements will be specified on the purchase order.
6. Forster Tool may request Corrective Action from its suppliers when nonconforming material/product/service is discovered. Specific actions may be implemented where timely and/or effective corrective actions to a supplier issue are not achieved. These actions may include, but are not limited to, removal of the supplier from the approved supplier list.
7. Supplier shall notify Forster Tool of nonconforming product immediately upon discovery, including any latent defects in products in already delivered. Supplier shall obtain Forster Tool approval for nonconforming product disposition. All parts that are determined to be nonconforming must be identified with a discrepant part tag or other means of identification.
8. Supplier shall notify Forster Tool of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, and changes of manufacturing facility locations.
9. Supplier shall flow down applicable Forster Tool purchase order requirements to their sub-tier suppliers.
10. Supplier shall grant Forster Tool, its customers and/or any regulatory authorities the right of access to the supplier’s facility and all applicable records for parts/services purchased by Forster Tool.
11. Suppliers providing calibration services must be accredited to ISO17025. All calibration certificates must identify standards used and must be traceable to NIST or an equivalent national standards body.
12. Supplier shall provide packaging in accordance with the best commercial packing methods, to protect the product from damage and for safety in handling during the shipping process or, per specific instructions as noted on our purchase order.
13. Supplier agrees to be both ROHS and REACH compliant.
14. Supplier ensures that their employees are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior

ITAR Compliance

In accordance to Forster Tools ITAR compliance program, International Traffic in Arms Regulations which is enforced by the Office of Defense Trade Controls in the State Department, the control of technical data is of the utmost importance to remain compliant. Supplier will not only agree to meet the previous conditions but when applicable also agree to restrict technical data from all non-authorized foreign personnel, as well as maintaining systems to assure the continued control of technical data to prevent the leaking of said data. U.S. persons or licensed foreign nationals are the only people authorized to handle technical data. The retention time will remain the same as the aforementioned.