Indexer For Innovation, Forster’s Newest Addition In Aerospace Capabilities

Forster Tool has recently invested in a new indexer and trunnion table to further add to our arsenal of 4-Axis Machining Center. We recently acquired a Tsudakoma RBS-160r and a Martin turntable, which offer size capabilities of 9” x 20” with an 8” Chuck and 360° rotation. These state-of-the-art indexing capabilities allow us to further tackle more diverse Aerospace and Defense products by expanding our ability to machine even more complex components. The indexer will enable us to do more with 4-axis machining including angled cross holes, angled pockets, and angled milling. We are also capable of doing continuous machining, known as wrap machining. In addition, we will be pairing our brand-new indexer/trunnion table with our Methods MV1100H. This investment of a Methods machine was bought specifically with Aerospace, Space Exploration, and Defense components in mind. Some of the features of the MV1100H are a touch probe, Casting and rigidity capabilities, and Renishaw Software. This software includes tool setting, broken tool detection, component set-up, in-cycle gauging, and first-off competent inspection. The machining center is designed specifically to take on tougher Aerospace materials such as 15-5 SS, 17-4 SS, Nitronic 60, Inconel 718 SS, Titanium, and Monel, in addition, to your standard Aerospace Aluminums. Forster Tool continues to further expand and refine our capabilities in Aerospace and Defense machining, ensuring that we continue to exceed the expectations of our growing list of customers.

Methods MV1100H

Martin Turntable