Miniature Parts Machining

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Micro Machining Miniature Parts

Since 1958, Forster Tool & Manufacturing has specialized in miniature parts machining. We have provided micro machining services to a variety of industries including Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Exploration and Water Filtration. As specialists in micro precision machining, we can manufacture small and miniature parts at a low cost, while maintaining quality. The types of miniature parts we have produced include custom miniature screws, fasteners, shafts, valves and pins. These miniature components have been used in Hearing Aids, Medical Valves, Oxygen Containment, Optical Scopes and as Bone implants.

Micro Machining Miniature Parts

With over 50 years of experience, we know how to micro machine exotic metals and plastics, including Titanium, Hastelloy and Monel.

Custom Miniature Parts Machining

If your part doesn't fall into one of the categories mentioned don’t worry! Working with a wide and growing variety of industry such as, medical, aerospace and automotive, Forster Tool and its machinists have been exposed to many parts that don’t necessarily fit a generic descriptor. Our skilled machinists can still tackle your part head one and work their hardest to produce it. In recent news there has been a lot of fear with hacks and data breaches, but with Forster Tool you can drop those concerns. Our ITAR compliance program and certified, protected servers, take all any worry or concern out of the equation

Our Micro Machining Services include:

Quality Certification and Inspection:

Additional Services: 

  • Lean Maufacturing
  • Kanban/Inventory Management
  • Solid Works/Esprit Software

Customers choose Forster Tool & Manufacturing because of our years of experience, commitment to cost efficiency, as well as quality and timely delivery. Many Customers work with us from prototyping through production. We are proud to have long term relationships with many of our customers and who would gladly provide references to Forster Tool's quality and commitment.

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