Monel Machining Services

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Monel Machining Services

Demand for Monel parts is on the rise. Monel is used by engineers in applications for highly corrosive conditions and that require greater strength (as with Monel K500). Machining Monel is difficult and requires experienced machinists because of this. It is very hard on tooling, and because of this many shops have high costs for custom monel parts to make up for their tooling expense. Forster Tool is different.

Monel Machining Services

Forster Tool and Your Machining Needs

We specialize in close tolerances and have machined many specialty metals for over 50 years. Forster Tool has the know how and experience to work with difficult materials such as monel, keeping your lead times and costs down. We will work with you to provide the best quality, yet most cost efficient, Monel machining on the market today. If you have a drawing that you would like us to quote, please use our easy to use online request for quote form. Not sure about what you need and want? send us a question with our online inquiry form. Either way, one of our sales representatives will get back to you in a timely manner!

Forster Tool has that experience having Machined Monel parts for the medical/dental markets.

Why Choose Monel?

Monel is a metal that a lot of people outside the industry haven't even heard of. The closest comparison would be to steel, but monel is much more difficult to machine because it work hardens too quickly. It must be done with slow careful precision. What makes monel so appealing is the strength combined with incredible corrosion resistance and ability to work in a variety of temperatures. Many other metals can only offer only one of those traits but monel excels at all three. This is why its used often in the oil, marine, and aerospace industries. Forster Tool excels at machining monel due to our aerospace background. If you would like a monel part machined, or are having other difficulties choosing materials, feel free to contact us through our web form and we'll get back to you in a timely manner!

Precision Machined

  • Medical/Dental Components
  • Oil/Gas Exploration Equipment
  • Water/Fluid Filtration Equipment
  • Military Equipment
  • Aerospace

Other Operations

  • Thread Rolling
  • Broaching
  • Grinding

Value Added

  • Inventory Management
  • Continual Process Review/Improvement
  • Esprit /Solidworks Software

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