Spray Nozzles

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Custom Spray Nozzles

Forster Tool has been making spray nozzles, as long as we have been custom manufacturing screws. Our customers have come from a wide range of industries, from aerospace applications, oil and gas, as well as machine attachments and chemical sprays. Material is key and machining is very important with spray nozzles, as the high pressure and different array of matter that may come out puts a lot of stress on a very small area.

Our machinists are more than happy to work with you to determine what material will be best suited for your nozzle, if you don’t already have something in mind. We won’t just produce something for you that we know will fail.

Custom Spray Nozzles

Our tight standards in the quality control department will make sure your spray nozzles are well within the tolerances that are needed, and machined properly with extra care, to further prevent failure in the spray nozzles final use.

Our machining maximums are:

Machine TypeMaximum
CNC/CAM Swiss Screw Machines.5 max. diameter
CNC Turning (Lathes)23.62" turning length
9.84" turning dia.
17.72" swing over bed

Machining Capabilities

Material Specialties

We have experience machining nozzles using the following materials:

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