Custom Dowel Pins

60+ Years of Experience as a Precision Machine Shop

60+ Years of Experience as a Precision Machine Shop

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Custom Size Dowel Pins

What is a dowel pin? 

A dowel pin is a cylindrical fastener made from plastic or metal, that is inserted into two adjacent pieces to hold them together. Dowel pins are used as pivots, hinges shafts, jigs and fixtures to hold parts. Mechanical engineers will use them in design as reference point to control positioning and minimize variation or play in component alignment.

And what types of Custom Size Dowel Pins can Forster Tool machine?

Custom Dowel Pins have been a mainstay on the shop floor of Forster Tool for a very long time. Forster Tool machines to your specifications. Our capabilities for Swiss Screw Machined Dowel Pins are diameters up from as small as .020” to .4375”.  We produce various types of dowel pins including Precision Dowel Pins, Oversized Dowel Pins, Pull Pins and Custom sized Standard Dowel Pins. Our skilled machinists and unique machining methods allow Forster Tool to produce large quantities of custom dowel pins using the most cost-effective machining possible. We custom machine metal dowel pins and plastic dowel pins. From Stainless Steel pins to more exotic metals like titanium pins, Forster can do it!

Quality Guaranteed!

We always maintained tight tolerances for any given job, routinely hold tolerances as tight as +/-.0002” while maintaining top quality standards. It’s not just big talk either, Forster Tool keeps up with top quality standards and currently holds ISO 9001/2015, AS9100D Certification.  Even if your part doesn’t need to be AS9100D compliant, we treat it the same, because we believe every customer deserves only the best custom metal or plastic dowel pin Forster Tool can offer. Forster Tool is also ITAR Registered and has JCP certification.

Primary Industries

Although we provide precision dowel pins for many industries, our focus has been on custom sized dowel pins for aerospace, medical and defense industries.  We know and can meet the Precision Swiss Machining demands of these industries. This would include PPAPs, First Articles and various other Certificates of Conformance.

Precision Turned Parts Capabilities and Services

Precision Machining Capabilities

Machining CapabilitiesSwiss Screw Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Secondary Operations
QualityAS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Certifications
Industries Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Dental, Motion Control, Electronic, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Consumer Goods

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