Screw Machined Parts: Guidelines for Finding CNC Machining Sources

Finding CNC Screw Machining Services

To quote Prototype or production runs of Screw Machined Parts can be frustrating for engineers and purchasing agents. Here are some guidelines that should help you search more efficiently;

Know your screw machined part tolerance limits….

Dimensional tolerances are acceptable degrees of variation from the Screw machined part dimension. For tighter tolerances you will need to look for companies that provide Precision Machining or identify their services as Swiss Screw Machining. These companies will usually produce Screw Machined parts that are more complex applications such as medical and aerospace.

Know and look for the maximum part diameter….

In sourcing the Screw machine parts, identify the diameter of the part. CNC Screw Machining capabilities are dictated by the maximum diameter that the machine can handle. The company should list the maximum diameter under their capabilities.

Know and look for the run size capabilities….

Many Screw Machining Companies specify whether they do prototyping and for production runs whether they can handle large volumes. Sending a quote to companies that can’t handle the volume will result in skewed pricing. For custom screw machined parts that are minimal orders there is usually a minimum set up charge.

Materials Experience…..

Companies usually gain experience in machining different types of metals and plastics. This experience translates into machining efficiencies and potential cost savings. The company should have a list of materials they are experience in machining.

Contact Forster Tool with any of your CNC machining questions. We will gladly assist you in finding the right sources for you Screw Machined Parts.