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Precision Shaft Manufacturing

Forster Tool has been machining a variety of shafts and custom shafts for over 50 years. We have machined a variety of different custom shafts, from many different types of materials, ranging from titanium to plastic. Shaft Machining provides is own set of challenges that our machinists overcome time and time again.

Shafts are usually made through a process called turning.  This is done by feeding bars of material that are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material and create the part. Forster Tools machinists have collectively over 100 years of experience with the turning process and have optimized many of the operations necessary for producing your custom shafts. All this optimization leads to cost savings which are passed down to you!

Forster Tool Machined Shafts
Forster Tool Machined Shafts

Quality Standards

When it comes to manufacturing shafts, our quality standards do not let up. Forster Tool was one of the first manufacturers in the area to get ISO 9001/2015 AS9100D Certification. We take pride maintaining a top quality QMS system and this helps us assure that you are getting the best possible custom shaft. Being ITAR Registered helps to ensure the safety of your digital and physical information as well, a bonus not many shaft manufacturers can offer.

With many different machining options available in shop to produce shafts, over 50 years of experience behind us, and an incredible staff of innovative machinists, Forster Tool can custom machine shafts that you need quickly, with precision and at a lower price than our competitors. Join the family at Forster Tool and Request a Quote now!

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