What is Swiss Screw Machining?

Supply Chain/Purchasing Managers often need to navigate a variety of machining types when purchasing Screw Machine Products.

Cost-Effective Screw Machining

The key to deciding what type of screw machining is the most cost effective is to determine the precision necessary. Swiss Screw Machining is named “Swiss” after the Swiss watchmakers and the intricate machining requirements they had.

Screw Machine Products

Screw Machining products are often smaller parts such as bolts, nuts, screws, pins, shafts and other industrial components. Parts with more complexity and that have closer tolerance requirements are generally a good fit for Swiss Screw Machining. Industries requiring more precision components such as the Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Water filtration and Defense Industries will frequently use Swiss Machining both for prototypes and production demands.

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