Titanium Machining

Metals are considered to be one the most important natural resources that are available to us. The use of all the metals and their alloys is inevitable for machining purposes; however it is the Titanium Machining that has garnered a lot of attention and popularity in the industrial world recently. Titanium is now more significantly used in industry due to its several distinctive properties. Titanium is known to be a bad conductor of heat and electricity and has a strong chemical reactivity with other metals and materials. This is the reason why a lot of caution and expertise is required in the making of Titanium machined parts, as exercised by our company.

Industries Using Titanium Machined Parts

The two main industries where Titanium Machined Parts are used consist of- Aerospace and Medical. The usage of titanium in these industries is illustrated below in detail:

Aerospace: The latest aircrafts are made up of many titanium parts and alloys.

Medical Industry: The titanium machining is widely used in the medical and dentistry industry for the manufacture of devices and equipment that help in the process of joint replacement, bone-fixation, orthopedic treatments etc.

High-Quality Titanium Parts

Apart from manufacturing and supplying titanium machined parts to these two important industries, Forster Tools has the ability to make high-quality titanium parts to be used in oil and gas explorations, military equipment and water filtration equipment as well.

It is pertinent for every Titanium machinest knows that there are a number of processes attached to the term ‘machining’. This includes all metal cutting and removal processes such as turning, boring, tapping, gas cutting, shaping, grinding and shaping etc. Forster Tools provides distinguished Titanium machining services to its clients, which include:

  • CNC precision turning and custom milling
  • Broaching
  • Milling
  • Swiss screw machining
  • Grinding
  • Micromachining

We have a team of specialized mechanics and technicians that have been working for several years with the Titanium metals and its alloys and thus they know every detail and aspect of machining titanium with perfection.

Titanium is a highly reactive metal and doesn’t get along with many materials and when the processes of cutting and milling of this metal are performed by us, one can be assured of getting the best and the most reliable machined parts. Each and every machined part is made with utmost care and caution at our facility and we strive to deliver only genuine quality products at the most pocket friendly prices available in the market today to our clients.

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