What is a custom screw?

In answer to today’s world of demanding production schedules, Industrial Supply Companies stock millions of types of screws used in manufacturing. Determining if the type of screws needed is a custom screw machined product can be difficult but necessary to insure cost effective purchasing. Custom screw machined products require processes outside of a normal length, width, head or threads. If a Company requires more precision screws in unique materials most often these are custom screws. Screws and fasteners used in the medical, aerospace and defense applications due to their complexity and precision needs and will often be a custom job.

Purchasing agents can get an idea of whether or not the screw needed is a custom screw by perusing the various on line catalogs from the Industrial Supply Companies. A “Google search” on Industrial supplies will identify the various suppliers in your area.

A Top Supplier of Machined Parts

Forster Tool & Manufacturing is available to assist you in determining the need for custom manufacturing. We are a top supplier of custom screw machined parts and will determine the most cost efficient way to produce your custom screws.

Forster Tool & Manufacturing, founded in 1958, originally built its reputation as Swiss Screw Custom Machining Specialist. Through the years, our desire to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our clients has led to continuous investment in new developments in machinery and technology.

Custom Manufacturing Production and Milling

Our capabilities have expanded to include CNC Swiss Screw Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and many Secondary Operations.

If your application requires a custom component, contact Forster Tool & Manufacturing at 800-369-8177 or contact us online.